Saturday, October 25, 2014

Sing, Oh Muse . . .

Warning: angst filled confessions alert!

No.  Please, God, no.

This time last year I was plunging headfirst into a world of Assistant Principaling.  It was an interesting time, filled with parent meetings, city wide riots, hordes of angry Chinamen, and lots of requisite lifestyle adjustments.  Just keeping my head above water took up most of my sexy energy.  Sadly enough, the first thing to go was my delicious creative side.

I know- I missed the thunder too.

Over the past three years I have published two books (check Amazon oh God cheap plug), wrote a bunch of stories, and got the first 20,000 words of my assuredly awesome memoirs written down for posterity.  Last year the whirlwind came to a complete halt, however.  Somewhere amongst the cacophony that goes with new job, new country, and new pants, I lost the ability to think of great new stuff to write about.

As one can imagine this was rather frustrating, especially for my die hard legion of fan.

"He hasn't updated for three months!  Rah."

This blog became my only reliable source of writing that didn't involve all staff emails, even though I never got around to making those awesome Rage Cage t shirts (patent pending).  My tenuous grip on sanity and personal hygiene is really tethered to my creative output: I need to be writing, or planning writing, or thinking about planning writing, or, at the very least, running away from 35 scantily clad groupies who want to ask me in depth questions about my writing.

Yeah, that'll work in a pinch.

So you can imagine my frustration, you empathetic bastards.  I have spent months trying to think of something fresh to write about, something new to put out into the world which will be read and enjoyed by like four people, to no avail.

Thanks for nothing.

All that has changed though, fellow Ragaholics.

I was in the airport in Lisbon (no big deal), waiting in line at the Burger King (classy), when it came to me: the idea for my next book!  Within the next hour, in a fit of inspiration, I wrote down a general plan for the whole book, and some brief character sketches.

What's it about, you ask?

Oh, I can't tell you, you curious sumbitches.  I'll update you in a year or so (drops mic and walks away. Then remembers something and comes back sheepishly).

I haven't started writing the actual book yet, but it feels good to get back in the saddle.  Welcome back, Muse- I missed your musk.

Man, what a great movie.

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