Friday, January 4, 2013

Goodnight, Sweet Prints.

 2013 is already one for the record books, sweet readers.  It shall go down in history as a year marked by change, tattooed with a maelstromic fluidity of deviations from the norm, and as the year that the world turned itself upside down then drifted a bit to the side.

Why, you ask?

Simple.  This is the year that I bought new shoes.

What?  Disappointed?  Maybe you think I oversold the event, much like Star Wars Episode 1 and Romney Episode 2.  You are entitled to your opinions, of course, you free thinking bastards, but let me explain.

Let me tell you a story.

The story of my shoes.

These sexy bastards were purchased while visiting a market in Yangon one year into my sojourn in that storied country (read a great story about it here!  Hehehe, first cheap plug of 2013).  While wearing these shoes I trekked throughout the country, taught Algebra and Intro Thuganomics to eighth graders, went on many adventures, had my heart broken, mended, and broken again, and lived through the protests and the cyclones that wracked that country during my second year there.  I used these shoes to run from violent protests in Bangkok and to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  I wore them when I lived in Taiwan for two years and was wearing them while receiving my admin degree last summer in Mallorca (listen to my speech here!).  They supported me at Wacken where I fulfilled a life long dream.  They were on my feet whilst I drank beer and guarded the walls in Kinshasa during the election related violence (here!) and most recently I used them to explore the streets and byways of Seattle and Vancouver (no worries, stories on that coming soon).  They have seen the world as much as I have, maybe even more.

Not bad for a four dollar purchase seven years ago.

Sadly enough, all good things must end, and after two repairs (the last one done with tire treads), it was time to move on.  It was a difficult decision for both of us but, in the end, we knew it was the right choice to make.   It was hard, though, as these shoes have (literally) carried me through some of the greatest and most difficult times in my life.  You will be missed, you sexy fake leather bastards.

Rather than go through the details I will do a pictorial entry, in what I hope will be a welcome change of pace in the Rage Cage.  I think this series of photographs sums up my emotions better than mere words could.  Also, the captions are sweet.  Thanks to Eartha-Ann for her awesome photo help :)

So, goodbye, old friend.  You were a generous sole.

The world moves on, because that is what the world does, but you have made your mark.  It's like that story about Jesus on the beach except with more beer, and when there were one set of footprints, it was because I pulled off the Dirty Dancing move.